This site is in english since some projects already started using english as their language.
Some individual project homes will be in either german or english. I don't think I'll maintain multiple languages per project.

If anybody feels the urge to help with one of those projects or intends to do a similar project to mine feel free to contact me.


/video/SmoothD: 2D spatial avisynth filter to deblock video material
/video/stuttgart: A CQM tuned for use with SmoothD as post processor
/video/AutoX: A tool to automagically select good encoding options for XviD. Support for other Codecs will be added later.
/video/ELDER: A parallEL encoDER for XviD and mencoder
/video/VLQ: visually lossless CQMs for various settings (resolutions and viewing conditions)
/video/DNoise: A DeNoiser avisynth plugin that returns the denoising strength per region
/video/iDNoise: Adds the appropriate noise back to the video
/video/XviDpro: XviD-based encoder with bitstream compatability but improved bit efficiency
/video/Smooth3D 3D spatial and temporal smoother to deblock video material using 3D-DCT (overlapped each 4 frames)
/video/JAVC Just another video codec (DWC2T-based)
/video/median Median filter with variable radius and median
/video/ENTROPY Entropy guided coefficient coding
/DCC Don't Care Coder; Optimize Code depending on DC-weights
/MIP HeuGen related solver using MIP and LP
/MIPgen Generator for MIP; translates DGL and constraints to MIP
/HeuGen An Heuristics Generator
/iRSA HeuGen test case for inverse RSA approximation
/F-CPU The Freedom CPU
/T-CPU My variant of F-CPU
/3rlang 3 layer parallel erlang interpreter; settings are calculated from a MIP; layers=(interpretation, location, JIT(HW, SW))
/HaVEn Hardware Verification Engine
/SVEn Software Verification Engine
/DOS Dynamic Optimization System
/I A computer based AI without the A


bergdichter My poems, aphorisms and such
/longdrinks Some of my longdrink recipes
/compose Some simple arrangements and compositions
/Zsf Grundlagen und Zusammenfassungen diverser Themen
/GENIE Grand Theory of Science
/Nachsö Nachsö
/Utopie "How is life in Utopia?"/"Visiting Utopia" -> article

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